Over the past six years, our aim was to recycle as much waste as possible. So, in 2010, we officially became a recycling facility. This meant we were allowed to re-purpose any debris we took in. This is an ideal, two-fold scenario. By reducing the amount of waste going into the ground, it helps prolong our service as a landfill. In addition, it helps the environment by cutting down on the need for producing new material. Here are some of the ways we re-purpose materials.


     Recycling concrete helps reduce the amount of space consumed in our landfill and offers our customers a durable product at a reasonable price. We now crush all of the concrete that comes into the landfill, and it is then sold as a better alternative to gravel or crush-n-run.


     Asphalt is also crushed when it comes in, and it is another alternative to gravel or crush-n-run. The asphalt fuses back together and becomes a more stable product that can shed water and hold up better than gravel or crush-n-run.


     Trees, large limbs, and stumps are ground into mulch.


     Being a recycling facility, we are allowed to take in used oil, hydraulic, and transmission fluids. Our facility uses two clean-burn heaters that utilizes these oils and fluids to heat our building in the winter virtually free. By disposing of these fluids in this manner, we are able to protect our environment and conserve natural resources as well as helping to reduce the potential of oil being disposed of improperly and polluting our water and ground.

     Since we recycle our own oil, you are not required to complete a form or have a limit to the amount you can bring in.


     Click on the links below to view information on each of the products that we sell at Piney Hill Acres.

     If you are interested in mulch and are not sure how much you need, use our mulch calulator below. Our hay is mostly fescue.

Mulch and Aggregate Calculator

Enter the dimensions for your area and click the "How Much?" button.

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