Our compost is made from all leaves. We allow the leaves that are brought here to age eight months, turning the piles as needed. After they have aged, we put them through a Mobark 1200 Tub Grinder. Once they have been ground, we put them in a windrow and monitor the temperature. Compost must reach 131 degrees farenheit for a minimum of three days, as well as be aerated to maintain elevated temperatures. This will ensure that the pathogen and weed-seed reduction is met.

Typical Uses for Compost

  • Soil Conditioner - improves the quality of almost any soil. Holds moisture well but allows excess water to drain and adds nutrients to the soil
  • Mulch
  • Potting Mixes
  • Compost Tea


Price List for Compost
Picked Up
13 Cubic Yards
Call for pricing on other quantities of product.
There is a three-yard minimum delivery.
For any delivery over a 10-mile radius, there will be an additional $10/mile charge.



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