Hay: Square and Round Bales

     We fertilize and lime our hay fields as needed to help in the growth of the grasses and to help control the weeds. When cutting our hay, we use equipment that crushes hay at cutting to speed up the drying time. The quicker hay gets out of the field and into our storage barns, the better the quality we can provide. We cut our hay in the boot-and-bloom stage as grasses that are cut for hay tend to lose some of their vitamins and proteins if they become too mature or dry. When baling our hay, we bale it so that it has 8% to 18% moisture content. Once baled, all of the hay is stored in storage buildings until sold.

     Our round bales are mostly mixed grasses, and our square bales are mixed grasses or orchard grass.

4' x 5' Round Bales
$50 each

Square Bales
Mixed $5; Orchard/Out of Barn $6



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